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This used to be, by far, the  most difficult part of a site for me to do. Writing about myself.  And what made it so hard was that I really didn’t know myself at all. 

Then I started branding. Each project brought me up close and personal with the most amazing women (and men), and not one of them could see the stunning beauty inside of them the way that I could. And when I brought that beauty to the surface through reflecting that in their visual brand identity, they would finally get to see it for themselves. And each one teaches me another piece of myself.

Why is it so hard to see? I have an idea about that. What it really is, at its core, is a kind of denial. An aversion to believing in ourselves. Why? I can only answer that for myself. Because if I admit what I am capable of, then suddenly I have a responsibility to live up to that, and that used to scare me. 

But it shouldn’t. When we live who we really are, and stop pretending, stop putting on that which is not us, we naturally start rising to that inner simplicity of purpose. That purity of heart we all strive for in the end.

You know what is truly amazing? This isn’t just true for people. I have worked with businesses large and small. With non-profits, and even municipalities. And the same rule applies. Each has a uniqueness they bring to the table, and putting all those pieces together creates the best possible world.  


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Cheryl did the branding for my site and I was thrilled with what she came up with. Somehow she managed to capture the mood and vibe I was trying to communicate perfectly, almost like magic. I was so happy that Cheryl was able to pinpoint exactly what I was wanting to show with my brand, and create visuals for me that helped me elevate to the next level with it. I cannot recommend Cheryl enough, she truly has an eye for the core elements and values of a brands’ message.

Mandi Em

Blogger/Influencer, Healthy Living for Hot Messes

Cheryl is a design goddess. She can see the potential deep inside of you and uses design to pull that potential to the surface. When my friends and family saw my new branding, they couldn’t stop talking about how it was just ME. That’s how perfectly she captured me. That was the key to unlocking all the great ideas I had that were just waiting to come out.

Yvonne Heimann

Owner, Ask Yvi