Cheryl did the branding for my site and I was thrilled with what she came up with. Somehow she managed to capture the mood and vibe I was trying to communicate perfectly, almost like magic. I was so happy that Cheryl was able to pinpoint exactly what I was wanting to show with my brand, and create visuals for me that helped me elevate to the next level with it. I cannot recommend Cheryl enough, she truly has an eye for the core elements and values of a brands’ message.

Mandi Em

Blogger/Influencer, Healthy Living for Hot Messes

Cheryl is a design goddess. She can see the potential deep inside of you and uses design to pull that potential to the surface. When my friends and family saw my new branding, they couldn’t stop talking about how it was just ME. That’s how perfectly she captured me. That was the key to unlocking all the great ideas I had that were just waiting to come out.

Yvonne Heimann

Owner, Ask Yvi